Create an automated and delightful onboarding experience

Helping you remove new hires’ anxiety by automating tasks, personalising communication and supporting managers in delivering a warm welcome.

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New Message
Welcome message sent to employee at 30 days before start dateLive
Briefing message sent to manager at 20 days before start dateLive
Equipment questions sent to employee at 12 days before start dateLive
Equipment purchase sent to manager at 8 days before start dateLive
First day sent to employee at On start dateLive
Book one month check-in sent to manager at 28 days after start dateLive
Evaluate one month check-in sent to employee at 32 days after start datePaused

Create memorable journeys

Set up your tailored introduction that sends the right things at the right time to the right people from pre-boarding to off-boarding

Make every new hire feel special

Personalise each piece of communication to make your new hires truly feel welcome.

From overwhelmed to on top of it

With Henry the worry of new hire checklists are removed. Set up all tasks that are needed for a new hire and let Henry take care of making sure they are done.

From: Henry
Hi Sam! You have been assigned 2 tasks that are due 1st June 2018 regarding your new team member, Lisa Ericsson.
Schedule a team meeting
Order email adress from IT
From: Henry
Gentle reminder!
You have 2 tasks due in 2 days (1st June 2018)

From: Henry
Sam completed 2 tasks!
Schedule a team meeting
Order email adress from IT

Turn managers into heroes

Help managers in delivering an outstanding onboarding by triggering the right messages at the perfect time, to help them stay one step ahead.

From: Henry
Hi Sam! A gentle reminder that Lisa Ericsson is starting on 1st June and that you should send a welcome message.

Here are Lisa's details and a suggested message:
0708 13 00 231
Hi Lisa! I just heard that you signed your offer letter. Congratulations on joining the team! My name is Sam and I'll be your direct manager and I'm here if you have any questions.

Insights to improve

Gather employee feedback to understand the impact your onboarding has on new hire engagement and productivity.

Have an onboarding other companies envy

Craft a memorable employee onboarding while automating the repetitive tasks that come along with growing.

See it in action