Set the ambition level that suits you best

You can start small, using Henry with your team and growing from there. Henry is powerful enough for Fortune 500 companies, as it is flexible for the project manager to use on their small team. Regardless you have a tool that will help you save time and build a more productive team and company.


Helping you ask the right questions

From the start Henry has a rich library of questions, making it simple for you to know what to ask your team. You can always set up your own questions effortlessly.

The right questions to the right people

With Henry you can ask questions across teams, divisions or individuals. You decide the audience with a few simple clicks.

Powerful scheduling

You can ask questions once, set them as reoccurring or at any frequency you may need.

Optional anonymity

You can also set questions as open or anonymous, depending on your need.


Empowering managers to act early

With Henry managers will always be looped into how their team is doing. Making it easy to quickly act on any potential problems that may affect employee performance, engagement or happiness.


Celebrate wins and achievements

Celebrate accomplishments and let team members know they are appreciated. Praise enables teams and companies to strengthen team moral and culture in a fun and simple way.


praise @sandra for a lot of energy during yesterdays workshops!


Go @team for launching the campaign 🎉🎉🎉


@michael has been great support for the sales team this month and has helped many junior sales reps to find their bearings


Keep projects in sync by automating updates

With Henry project managers can automate the busy work of gathering updates. Henry will automatically gather updates from each one in the project helping managers spot issues early and keep everything on track.


Everything you need to start building a workplace others envy

Be as hands on as you like or not. We built Henry for both companies and teams that want to run it on autopilot, as well as for those that want to adapt it exactly after their needs.

  • Manager dashboard

    Managers will have access to their data and be notified about any potential issues in their team.

  • Individual profiles

    Team members get access to their own data to learn and understand what impacts their well-being.

  • Project progress

    Automate project follow-ups to make sure important projects are on track and delivered with outstanding quality.

  • Open and anonymous questions

    You can set questions as open, to make it simple to automate various reporting.

  • Smart scheduling

    Enabling you to schedule questions by day, week or whenever you need at any reoccurring frequency.

  • Slack integration

    Henry works perfectly with Slack which enables you to do almost everything form there.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Henry follows up and adapts in real-time, to make sure you get the most out of your team's feedback.

  • Natural language processing

    Enables Henry to understand and analyze meaning as well as context in shared feedback.

  • Employee engagement on autopilot

    Henry will make sure to remind your team to answer, gather data and notify you when something interesting occurs.

  • Personalized insights & warnings

    We empower each manager to act on things that are affecting their team or individual team members.

  • Real-time analytics

    All data is updated in real-time to help you quickly spot trends or deviations.

  • Powerful data visualization

    The most powerful platform you can find on the market with everything you need and more.