A personal and engaging user experience.

Every day we communicate our thoughts through chats, it's personal, simple and easy. With Henry we leverage the format billions of people use daily to create a unique and an (almost) human survey experience.

Personalised chats


Built-in follow-ups

Works in Slack

Data that is actionable and easy to understand.

With Henry get real-time insights that are automatically analysed to help you see what is important.
No more spreadsheets, no more reports to extract and no more tedious number crunching.

Real-time data

Identify trends

Powerful segmentation

No manual data crunching

Work with your data in one place, as one team.

Simplify and streamline how you work and communicate insights. With Henry you have it all in one convenient place, where you and your team can take action, add notes and create priorities out of important feedback.

Prioritze questions

Discuss and add notes

Highlight important comments

Smart surveys

Henry’s Smart surveys use intelligent algorithms and an AI core to gather actionable feedback without exhausting your users.

You can of course also run a traditional survey
Customise the number of questions, the frequency and much more with our classical survey mode. With Henry we have made it really easy to run both classical surveys and a smart ones.