At Henry everyone has a huge impact. We are ONE small team, consisting of bold, highly ambitious team players. We love challenges and solving big, complex and intriguing problems.

  • Dynamic and fast paced

    Our world is fast paced and ever changing. At Henry no two days are the same.

  • True team players

    We expect everyone at Henry to do their outmost for one another.

  • Continuously developing

    Feedback is an essential part of our everyday work, it is what we spend our days working with and we live as we learn.

  • Simplifying complex problems

    Simplicity is the tricky part, so we look for individuals that are able to break down and simplify complexity.

  • Big on ambitious goals

    We love to hear what we can’t do, we set the bar high and we go after it relentlessly.

  • Focused on doing

    Focus and the ability to deliver is something we strongly value and is essential in an environment like ours.