Haskell Developer

You will work closely with the rest of our team to develop new features and to improve on our current tech. You will take part in the whole chain, from designing and planning to implementation and deployment. Our backend is written entirely in Haskell, but part of the job is also making sure that frontend and backend work well together. We also expect you to take initiatives to improve various aspects of our product, e.g. come with ideas for new product features or come up with new ways to express existing concept in a more type safe manner. You will have a the opportunities to shape your role over time depending on what excites you the most. Do you prefer focusing on coming up with great product improvements? Awesome!


  • Significant experience of working in functional languages, with at least some of it in Haskell
  • At least 3 years working experience
  • Proficiency in SQL, Git, linux, etc

Bonus points

  • Devops experience
  • ReactJS skills
  • Open source contribution