Henry is the new way to gather and work with employee feedback.

Henry is the first intelligent insight platform that makes gathering feedback human, understanding it intuitive and acting on it simple.

The (almost) human way
to gather feedback

The way we gather, understand and act on feedback today is fundamentally broken.
With Henry we want to change that, from the way we gather feedback to how we act on the results.


A personal survey experience

Why send tedious and impersonal surveys to the people that matter most for your business? With Henry everything starts with the world’s most used format - a personal chat.

Data that is easy to understand

Forget hours in spreadsheets trying to make sense of your data. With Henry you have intuitive real-time analytics that enable you to see results, trends and benchmark your results.

A smarter workflow

With Henry you get a smarter way to work with the gathered feedback. Set priorities, add notes and work as one team with your results.

How forward-thinking organisations use Henry

Running better retrospectives

“We save a ton of time by running retrospectives in Henry. It enables us to listen to each person’s feedback, save time and also come better prepared for our retrospectives”

Measure employee engagement

“With rich analytics, we can dig deeper and understand what is affecting our retention, engagement and productivity without spending hours analysing data”

Track stress and well-being

“It is a really straightforward way to track stress-levels across the company and it enables us to proactively adjust the amount of work”

Evaluate the latest conference

“Gathering feedback from our company conferences was never done before but was really needed. With Henry it is effortless to set up and the benefit huge”

Track project progress

“Working proactively with project feedback enables us to keep a continuous pulse on how we are progressing and catch issues early. It has made running a project way simpler."

Run ad hoc surveys

“We can run all our ad hoc surveys in Henry which is great. It saves us time, we get a record of data and we have all our previous surveys there.”

Still not sure?

If you want to dig a little deeper before making a decision, we understand. Take a more thorough look at the product here.