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Henry makes it simple and engaging to gather, understand and act on feedback.

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Our product at-a-glance

Henry works for small teams as well as
Fortune 500 companies.


Intelligent analysis and smart follow-ups make sure you get the full picture.


A more engaging, personal and fun way to share feedback.


Know how your team is doing, spot trends and remove roadblocks.


Helping you stay one step ahead with intelligent notifications.


Intelligent feedback gathering

Henry leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sure you gather better and more actionable feedback.


Hi Lisa! How's it going in your current projects?


Hi! It's going well, thank you!


Great to hear that they're still on track! What are your working on now?

Adapting in real time

Conversations adapt to each individual to make sure important information isn’t missed.

Intelligent follow–ups

Making sure you get a better understanding of the situation.

Sourcing ideas

Henry will also source ideas from team members to help you better understand how things can be improved.


A personal and truly engaging experience

At the core of Henry is messaging which makes sharing feedback more fun, intuitive and personal.

"My team loves Henry.It's simple, personal and fun to use."
Effortless and natural

Express yourself just the way you would with colleagues or friends.

Personalized chats

Henry will remember previous chats and follow-up to see how things have developed.

Works perfectly with Slack

Henry plays nicely with Slack and enables you to do almost everything you need without needing to leave Slack. Henry will be available over more channels soon.


See clearly what is affecting your team's performance

Understand how your team is doing, catch trends and identify which roadblocks are affecting your team's performance, engagement and well-being - all in real-time.

All you need and more

All the power and analytical capacity you will ever need right at your fingertips.

Dig deeper - Compare and benchmark

Benchmark, analyse results and understand how results differ with a few simple clicks.


Stay one step ahead

With smart notifications Henry will intelligently notify you when there are changes that need your attention.


Hey team! Here is a summary of who has received praise over the last week 🚀

To Sam
From Tommy

Praise Sam for being kind to his robot underlings.

From Greta

Contributing to the team everyday!

Taking initative during the design/developer hand-offs.

To Alex
From Lisa

Awesome job during the weekend hackathon!

From Tommy

Always reminding the team to excersice


Good morning Alex! Most of the team have expressed their concern regarding some ongoing projects. I've taken the liberty to summarize the information for you.

Are there any projects you are currently concerned about?

Yes 70%
No 30%
These are their concerns

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